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Can clothes be a means of finding one’s self?

As someone who has always stared at the floor, I have always admired people that dress fashionably with an abundance of self-confidence. They have always made me wonder if I dressed like that could I too be as poised and daring. Yet, as someone who believes that he can’t pull off those bold and flashy clothes; it makes that a faraway dream.

The next question that came to me was, how can fashion change one’s personality for the better?

Biformity was started as a means of finding a way to subtly express those bold features through clothes. To seek apparel that catches your attention only when you truly pay attention yet subtly stand out in the crowd. For us, the journey has just begun and along the way we hope that you and like-minded individuals will walk together with us on this path in hopes that we empower ourselves with sides we never knew we had.

Goals & Vision

  1. Biformity is created by individuals who appreciates the aesthetic of vintage and nostalgic times of the yesteryears. The period of bold colours and strong imagery; we want to combine that spontaneity with subtle and discreet elements.“Subtly Bold” is our creed.
  2. We want to foster a community of like-minded people who appreciates the culture and create confidence in individuals to express their bold personality subtly through clothes.
  3. Introspection – can clothes be a means of finding one’s self is something we want to explore via Biformity; a mask or persona one can put on and be a different person.


Join us on our journey

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